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Carters and wood traders, carpenters, and shoemakers worked and lived in the house at Dr.-Streitergasse n° 31 in the center of Bolzano. For centuries, the building has overflowed with life and variety. Johann Mayr bought the building in 1921: since then, it has been in the family's possession and continues to grow, not in size, but in life. Since 2015, the building has been filled with warm hospitality and travelers can find the relaxation they are seeking in the cozy apartments. In 2021, the family also took over the restaurant, Bogen bistro & apartments comes into being.
Today's Dr. Streitergasse is mentioned for the first time in a document: located in what was then the outskirts of the city of Bolzano, the Mistgasse (German for Dung Alley) was still frowned upon.
The Mistgasse becomes Karnergasse (Carter Alley).
19th century
Shoemakers, carpenters, carters, timber, and fruit merchants live and work in the building. The large vault on the ground floor comes in handy.
The street is dedicated to the former mayor of Bolzano, Joseph Streiter.
Johann Mayr buys the building.
The building is declared a listed monument.
Peter Mayr renovates the building. Flats and offices on the upper floors, garage, and warehouse on the ground floor along the busy thoroughfare.
Dr. Streitergasse becomes a pedestrian area. Time for new ideas: The first restaurant on the street is opened on the ground floor.
The 1990s
The restaurant is renovated and expanded a total of five times.
The upper floors are being renovated. Holiday apartments as cozy as living rooms are created under the direction of the next Mayr generation.
The family also takes over the bistro on the ground floor. After a thorough renovation of the vault in cooperation with the noa* architectural studio and the renovation of the flats, Bogen bistro & apartments opens its doors.
Stay in comfortable and elegant apartments and enjoy fine food in good company. In the heart of Bolzano, the coffee machine whistles with joy, and the historic walls radiate serenity. What’s it to be today?
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Bistro & Apartments

In the heart of Bolzano

Happiness is a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It is a white pillow of soft feathers. It is stepping out the door and having arrived at the same time. Come on in, sleep, eat, and be happy.
Take a seat around the long table or at a small wooden table. Breakfast is served until eleven, that's what freedom at Bogen feels like. Stop by again at lunchtime and then later for cocktail hour - after all, you don't treat yourself to anything else. Regional, wholesome, good, in the heart of Bolzano. Enjoy!
Off to bed! Get tucked in under the covers. Lose yourself between historic walls. In five elegant apartments, simple joys and great emotions await you. Thus, sleeping becomes synonymous with living in comfort. Simply feel good, in the heart of Bolzano.