Peas in

a pod

Roswitha runs the business, and Natalie the bistro. At Bogen, "team" rhymes with "woman" and "vocation". Whether colleagues or guests, the dynamic duo attracts kindred spirits with creative joy and infectious hospitality, creating an unparalleled experience.
Roswitha R.RoswithaHostessShe works and chooses. She develops, creates, and composes: Objects that go well together, teams where everyone is at their best, beautiful, and cozy spaces. With great sensitivity and an impeccable sense of style. No wonder she is the center of gravity at Bogen. "No way!" she would say quietly in response. Don't believe a word she says.
Natalie S.NatalieManager of gastronomyShe’s the life and soul of the party, but not only: As a qualified beer expert and wine sommelière with relevant experience in the sector, she is just the right person to take care of the well-being of the bistro & flat guests. After many years of training with her two sons, she knows just what makes even the most demanding guest happy.
Elisabeth P.ElisabethServiceWhen she's not busy charming the guests at Bogen with her vitality and enthusiasm, the second beer expert on the team likes to roam the countryside with her dogs. She thinks that a jaunty new restaurant is what the old town of Bolzano was missing.
Hannes L.HannesBarHe is almost two meters tall but wants to grow further. Of course, he is referring to the dimensions of his craft. His desire to experiment leaves no doubt about it. And you won't have to wait long to sip the next cocktail of his creation...
Greta G.GretaKitchenWith the Savoy Hotel School diploma in her pocket, she brings joy and tasty, preferably vegan, delicacies to the Bogen kitchen. She loves animals and when it comes to rabbits and chickens of unusual breeds, she prefers to take care of them rather than cook them. Not to mention her three dogs and guinea pigs...
Edoardo X.EdoardoChefEdoardo is in charge of the culinary skills at our bistro and serves our guests the typical Bogen dishes. The Italian loves to create something beautiful from simple local food and to bring this to the peak in terms of taste. He draws inspiration from the seasons and nature.
Marion  XMarionServiceMarion spoils our guests with the very best coffee and her positive, hands-on attitude. If you don't find her at Bogen Bistro, she's probably dancing rock'n'roll. What a whirlwind!
Filomena ?FilomenaKitchenFilomena is affectionately called our "southern Italian Zia" by all of us. She creates the best-selling dish in the Bogen every day: the parmigiana, which is now famous far beyond the borders of Bolzano. Apart from that, she bakes 1-2 cakes a day and commands us all around. Good thing, because without her the Bogen Bistro would only be half as great!
Tania T.TaniaHousekeeping & KitchenWith South American panache and passion, she darts from one side of Bogen to the other, moving easily from the upper floors to the kitchen. Two years ago, she found a new home in Bolzano and now sweeps up the apartments and bistro at Bogen.

We are looking for you!

Would you like to bring this special place to life with us? We are looking for creative minds who enjoy working in a team and hospitality. We look forward to receiving your applications.Apply now!
Stay in comfortable and elegant apartments and enjoy fine food in good company. In the heart of Bolzano, the coffee machine whistles with joy, and the historic walls radiate serenity. What’s it to be today?

Bistro & Apartments

In the heart of Bolzano

Happiness is a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It is a white pillow of soft feathers. It is stepping out the door and having arrived at the same time. Come on in, sleep, eat, and be happy.
Take a seat around the long table or at a small wooden table. Breakfast is served until eleven, that's what freedom at Bogen feels like. Stop by again at lunchtime and then later for cocktail hour - after all, you don't treat yourself to anything else. Regional, wholesome, good, in the heart of Bolzano. Enjoy!
Off to bed! Get tucked in under the covers. Lose yourself between historic walls. In five elegant apartments, simple joys and great emotions await you. Thus, sleeping becomes synonymous with living in comfort. Simply feel good, in the heart of Bolzano.
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